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Welcome to the Neptune Baptist WEE School!! We are so excited to have your family join ours as we guide your little one through the vital formative early learning years. Our teachers love their jobs and we love forming connections with each family. As parents, you bring us curious, enthusiastic, and lovable children. Through first-hand experiences in our program, your child will learn through repetition, social interaction, play, association, and imitation. Our goal is to help him/her develop the kind of self-image, independence and confidence that will eventually lead to a successful life. We know you have many options to choose from when it comes to preschool and we are so thrilled you have chosen the Neptune Baptist WEE School! 



The mission of the WEE School is to provide quality care, education and development opportunities for each child to reach his/her potential--spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Our objectives are:

  • to teach the love of God and the promise of eternal life,

  • ​develop a child-centered program focusing on an "I can" attitude, academic readiness and respect for self and others,

  • provide the opportunity for each child to recognize long term rewards for good choices, and

  • uphold the family by providing a warm, enthusiastic, highly competent staff that recognizes the importance of setting the proper example as role models of the Christian life.

Early Childhood Education research reveals the importance of the formative years. Children's minds, bodies, and spirits develop most rapidly and with extreme ease during this time. Their experiences significantly influence their overall development and attitudes. Children are individuals, developing at their own pace and having distinct needs, varying learning styles and abilities.


Concepts regarding God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, the family, others and the natural world are the basis of our curriculum. Biblical values, traditional family lifestyles and multicultural values are instilled as we teach that God has a different plan for each individual.​ 



Enrollment is open to all children from 6 weeks - 4 years (VPK) regardless of sex, race, nationality, or ethnicity. We offer part-time, full-time, extended day, early morning, and summer fun day programs. We currently have 8 classrooms with over 20 teachers and more than 100 children enrolled. We are growing each year and we are so proud to be an integral part of the beaches community. 



Our WEE School Program uses the Weekday Early Education Curriculum Guide (WEE Learn) as the basis for teaching curriculum. This curriculum includes Bible stories, Bible thoughts and concepts about God, Jesus, The Bible, family, others, and our natural world. In addition to the units in the WEE Learn guide, we include units for Black History Month, Presidents Day, and patriotic holidays. Your child will hear a Bible story daily and will pray daily. Our teachers will enhance this material with other resources. Once your child moves to the preschool side, they will attend Chapel once a week with the Neptune Baptist Church Preschool and Children's Minister.


The WEE Learn curriculum meets the literacy requirements for the State of Florida. Weekly lesson plans are posted outside of each classroom for your review.  


The WEE Learn Curriculum meets the literacy requirements for VPK and The Florida Department of Education.


Our teachers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and fields to make up the best preschool staff at the beaches! We have educational backgrounds in a number of fields including: early childhood education, law, business, business administration, and intercultural studies. We work together to ensure your child has the best experience possible while in our care. With a combined 50+ years of experience, we truly believe we are each called to this job to be a safe place for your child and take on the role of facilitator, stimulator, caregiver, and guide. 


The Director has a degree in Education along with a Director's Credential through the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and all staff have the DCF required 45-hour training. Each year, all staff are required to complete at least 20 hours of continuing education within the age group they primarily work. All staff are trained in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR as well as Adult, Child, and Infant First Aid.​ All staff are trained to teach the WEE Learn curriculum.

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